Sipping cider

Sweet stuff, hard or as a cocktail By Bob Audette, Vermont Country Apple cider flavors can change from year to year and even from batch to batch, said Simon Renault, general manager of Scott Farm Orchard, who is in his third season at


An awful Christmas gift for the Bates family

‘Shaftsbury Murderer’ hangs for slaying of new mother Harriet Jane Bates By Lex Lecce, Vermont Country In the year 1838, a man named Archibald Bates lived in Shaftsbury. Archibald was 33 years old and a religious man. He would read the Bible

Dead or alive?

County was stumped by mysterious disappearance and presumed slaying of Russell Colvin by the brothers Boorn By Lex MerrellVermont Country MANCHESTER — Two brothers, Stephen and Jesse Boorn, grew up in Manchester in humble circumstances and supported their families with hard labor.  

Reimagine the past

Take a trip down Main Street, USA, in Bennington and Putney and find colonial, industrial roots By Cicely M. EastmanVermont Country correspondent Colonnades of knobby maples straddling stone walls overgrown with ferns. Abandoned barns falling into disrepair along country roadsides. These are


At the right hand of power

As ambassador and diplomat, Townshend’s Peter Galbraith has used his moral compass to help guide nations toward peace, justice. By Greg SukiennikVermont Country TOWNSHEND — Peter Galbraith has spent much of his life in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots.  In

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