Ad Specs

NOTE: Vermont Country Magazine is proud to offer free in-house design services to all advertisers. Contact your advertising sales representative to learn more.

Ad Sizing

Vermont Country Magazine ads are available in the following sizes:
All sizes listed as width X height.

Full Page (with bleed)
Template available here.
8.37” x 10.875”
Full Page (no bleed)7.28″ x 10″
Half Page Horizontal7.28″ x 4.9″
Half Page Vertical3.56″ x 10″
Quarter Page Horizontal7.28″ x 2.35″
Quarter Page Vertical3.56″ x 4.9″
Eighth Page Horizontal3.56″ x 2.35″
Eighth Page Vertical1.7″ x 4.9″

Premium Positions

Premium ad placements (inside and back covers) are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact your ad sales representative to check availability. For best results, please use one of the templates below when designing premium position ads.

Premium Position Templates: Inside Front Cover | Inside Back Cover | Back Cover

Image Requirements

All logos, photos or other graphics within an ad should be at least 200 dpi.