More than presents

For Phil Bowen of East Dover, donning red suit means gratitude, family, gift of baby Jesus By Chris Mays, Vermont Country Phil Bowen of East Dover is getting ready for another holiday season, dressed up as Santa Claus and bringing cheer to


Beads of time

History, currency and spirituality on display at Brattleboro museum By Patricia HerleviVermont Country correspondent Before there were love beads, before the rosaries of Christian faith and long before vitamin pills, humans traded, prayed with and provided for their nutritional needs with beads.


At the right hand of power

As ambassador and diplomat, Townshend’s Peter Galbraith has used his moral compass to help guide nations toward peace, justice. By Greg SukiennikVermont Country TOWNSHEND — Peter Galbraith has spent much of his life in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots.  In