‘Forest of Mystery’ is a fall treasure

By Chris MaysVermont Country Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center’s “Forest of Mystery” is a fun way to celebrate the fall season by hiking at night and taking in a haunting but humorous story. James and Jess Gelter, a couple from Brattleboro, have been

A trail that leads hikers to the distant past

By Jim TherrienVermont Country WOODFORD — Ghost towns in the Old West are depicted with sun-bleached wooden storefronts, saloon doors creaking in the wind and tumbleweed rolling down deserted streets. But that wasn’t the case in New England when early settlements were


Vernon boy’s dance moves are dope

By Shane CoveyVermont Country BRATTLEBORO — Halfway through a hip-hop class at Kelly’s Dance Academy in late July, all eyes were on a 9-year-old boy from Vernon. “C-Double-O-P” was about to bust a move. The fourth-grader at Vernon Elementary School squatted down


Beads of time

History, currency and spirituality on display at Brattleboro museum By Patricia HerleviVermont Country correspondent Before there were love beads, before the rosaries of Christian faith and long before vitamin pills, humans traded, prayed with and provided for their nutritional needs with beads.

Botanical Vermont: What cures exist in your backyard?

Herbalists practicing in Southern Vermont By Patricia HerleviVermont Country correspondent When Brattleboro acupuncturist and herbalist Timothy Scott was earning his undergraduate degree in psychology and general health sciences, he found that the medical model he studied compartmentalized the mind and body. His

These ghostly films will never die!

Our reviewer goes for a walk with some flicks that might live forever By Dan TeboVermont Country correspondent It’s fall in New England, and the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go. At