Holidays gone sideways

These films depict the best of times, the worst of times By Dan Tebo, Vermont Country correspondent As 2022 crawls to a close, we once again find ourselves navigating the holidays through the dense fog of this relentless pandemic. While the threat


More than presents

For Phil Bowen of East Dover, donning red suit means gratitude, family, gift of baby Jesus By Chris Mays, Vermont Country Phil Bowen of East Dover is getting ready for another holiday season, dressed up as Santa Claus and bringing cheer to


An awful Christmas gift for the Bates family

‘Shaftsbury Murderer’ hangs for slaying of new mother Harriet Jane Bates By Lex Lecce, Vermont Country In the year 1838, a man named Archibald Bates lived in Shaftsbury. Archibald was 33 years old and a religious man. He would read the Bible

Editor’s note: No presents of mind

By Noah Hoffenberg, Vermont Country I was raised in a Jewish home that also sported an annual Christmas tree, with lights and decorations, opening one present on Christmas Eve and the rest the next morning. My grandparents, all now gone, were never