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A selection of treats from Catherine's Chocolates in Great Barrington, Mass. Photo: Stephanie Zollshan.
A chocolate array
As I write, the season’s early chill has summoned the first snowflakes of the year. Up in West Dover, Vt., it’s been cold enough that Mount Snow’s been able to make enough snow to open. In fact, it’s making history by celebrating its earliest opening in 64 years.

Here in the UpCountry, it’s that time of year when we split up into three groups: Those who love the snow, those who love relaxing by the fire and those who love both. Which one are you?

Me, I fall into the “love both” group. I love spending a few hours cross-country skiing and then returning to the warmth of the living room couch to relax with the family and our fluffy cat. Let winter begin!

This past autumn, UpCountry Magazine celebrated a very special honor from the New England Newspaper and Press Association: It has been named Distinguished Newspaper of the Year in the Specialty Publications category. The award is a truly humbling one, and it is especially gratifying because jury panels of readers judge the competition.

If you look to the column at the right and at the contributors page in this and past issues, all those people listed there are directly responsible for making UpCountry an outstanding publication. I am grateful for all of their creativity, energy and savvy for making this magazine stand out from the rest in New England.

Kevin Moran, Executive Editor

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