How to be a backyard maple buff

Editor’s note: In the UpCountry, we get the chance to celebrate the maple sugaring season over two weekends. This year, in the Berkshires, maple producers will open their sugarhouses on Maple Weekend, March 16 and 17. The following weekend, our Southern Vermont


What type of tree is that?

And so Mikolas researched and wrote his own book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Recognizing Trees of the Northeast,” recently released by the Vermont-founded Countryman Press, an imprint of New York publishing powerhouse W.W. Norton & Company.

The lessons of an average fly-tyer

Assuming you, the reader, are interested in picking up the tying bug (so to speak), please allow this decidedly average lasher of feathers and fur to hook to offer a few suggestions.

Ski it if you dare

Not for the novice downhillers out there, tackling the backcountry takes a different level of winter sportsman. But skiing sans Liftopia is something attainable for all.

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